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          Dear judoka and parents,

In the dojo there are rules that need to be followed to facilitate the smooth running of our classes

and the safety of your children. Please take the time and read them, if you have any questions on

this please don’t haste to talk to Tony Kelly (president of the club) with any concerns.


                                                                     DOJO ETIQUETTE:

1.  Remove shoes before entering the dojo. Shoes are NEVER worn on the training floor. Shoes will be neatly
  placed on the shelf, not scattered about on the floor.
2.  Whenever entering or leaving the dojo, stand in the doorway, face the front, bow and say "oss".
3.  Late arrivals should make themselves known to the Instructor by kneeling at the side of the Dojo floor,
    bowing to the Shomen and then to the Instructor where the student must wait for permission to join the class.
4.  We are an open club, we encourage parents to come and watch the classes, but we would ask that you do
    not communicate with your children when they are on the mats; your kids are our responsibly when they are in the dojo.
5.  If you have other siblings watching please keep them under control so as not to disrupt the classes in progress.
6.  When sitting, always sit cross-legged or in seiza (kneeling) position. (If you have a knee problem, please speak to the Sempai or Sensei)
7.  While a class is in session, judoka should not lean against the wall or lie down on the mats. Rather, they  should conduct
    themselves in a respectable manner paying strict attention to the instructions being given or the class being taught.
8.  The judoka must show courtesy and respect to all instructors, assistants and fellow students.
9.  Always address the instructors by their proper title, Sensei or Sempai (senior student), inside the dojo. This
    includes parents and adults.

10. Acknowledge the Sensei or Sempai with a loud "Oss" when they speak to you or say "Hai (yes) Sensei" or
      "Hai Sempai". Always acknowledge criticism given by the instructor.
11. Be on time so you will not interrupt classes or instructors. It is proper to ask the instructor for permission to
      practice when arriving late for class, or if you need to leave early.
12. Every time you get a new partner for any exercise, bow. Every time you're about to switch partners, bow to
      your old partner before moving on to the next.
13. Treat your partner courteously, with respect and with proper etiquette. Always challenge your partner to a
      degree that is beneficial to his or her ability.
14. Junior students must look to seniors for guidance and treat them with respect.
15. Senior belts must set an example for the junior belts. You must lead by example.
16. Talking back to the instructor or senior in a condescending manner is strictly forbidden, whether you think that you are
      right or wrong the only acceptable answer is OSS. One must be willing to obey the rules and learn self-discipline.
17. Your GI must be NEAT and WASHED at all times. Cleanliness will eliminate the possibility of offending
      others and a clean mind is a necessity for dedicating yourself to your training.                   
18. Toenails and fingernails are to be kept short to prevent injury.

19. Makeup, jewelry and wristbands are not to be worn during class.

20. All Judoka’s with long hair must have their hair secured in a manner that does not interfere with practising.

21. Females are required to wear appropriate t-shirts, t-shirts MUST be white for tournaments.

22. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the Dojo is clean, tidy and safe at all times.

23. Dojo fees must always be paid on time. This is also Judo, it is disrespectful to expect an instructor or club
      secretary to remind you of such matters.

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