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Kodokan Judo

Adult Program 16+

The adult programs strikes a balance between the two fundamental methods to participate in judo: Randori (free practice) and Kata (technical forms). The Tuesday class primarily focuses on competitive judo and the preparation of judoka for shiai tournaments and will be instructed with athletic development and fitness training in mind. Thursday’s class will place emphasis on the technical aspects of judo, including Kata lessons and the comprehensive instruction of Nage-waza (throwing techniques) and Ne-waza (grappling techniques).


The adult program has been developed for all ages and any fitness levels.

Youth Program 8-16 years

The youth program is developed to continue the progression of younger judoka, as they continue to learn the formal techniques of judo and become aware of their abilities. This program will run on Thursdays and Saturdays, focusing on building fundamentals and continuing athletic development.

Upon invitation, some judoka will have the opportunity to join the competitive class, which runs on Tuesday evenings. This class is meant for judoka that have an impetus to compete regularly and prepares participants for further advancement in tournament-style judo. All of Tora’s Provincial and National team members were nurtured in the competitive class.


Please contact Sensei Tony, or Sensei Heather if you would like additional information.

Kids Program 5-7 years

The kids program is intended to expose young and aspiring athletes to the wonderful world of judo. The program focuses on the development of motor skills, which can be transferrable to all sports and athletic activities. Senseis will utilize a variety of games to teach students the fundamental of judo and ensure that the class will be a rewarding experience for all.

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