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Quebec Open & Ontario Open 2017 Tournament

Tora Judo club attended two major tournaments in November each attracting approximately 1,000 competitors.

At the Quebec Open held in Montreal Deanna Barnes fought in the U18 -63kg category, she fought for the bronze medal and lost placing 5th out of 11.

James Lonsdale fought in the U18 -66kg going 1 win and 2 losses, he performed well.

Trenton Achico attended for the tournament for the first time and fought well.

Ryan Conklin-Bric was also a first-time attendee fighting in the U18 -55kg division and went 1 win and 2 losses, placing 13 out of 25.

At the Ontario Open the club had seven competitors with great results.

James Lonsdale placed 2nd out of 19 in the U18 -66kg division.

Deanna Barnes placed 5th out of 9, in the U18 -63kg division losing in the bronze medal match.

Deanna also fought in the Senior -63kg division and placed 3rd out of 10.

Ryan Conklin-Bric placed 5th out of 19, in the U18 -55kg division, losing out on the bronze medal match in his first appearance at the Ontario Open.

Trenton Achico placed 4th out of 5 in his first appearance at the Ontario Open.

Matthew Coculuzzi placed 8th out of 17 in the U16 -60kg division.

Ne-Waza was a new add this year for the Ontario Open.

Sensei Jake Smith placed 2nd out of 6 in the -100kg Ne-Waza division and 3rd out of 8 in the Veterans Shiai division.

Sensei Mark Wilson placed 2nd in the Ne-Waza competition +100kg division.

Congratulations to all competitors

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