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Ajax Budokan 2019 Annual Shiai

Tora Judo Club recently attended the Ajax Budokan Annual Shiai held in Whitby.

Tora had great success with the following results:

Sensei’s Grant Kuramoto and Peter Koumoulas placed first in the Goshin-jitsu kata.

Sensei’s Tony Kelly and Heather West placed first in the Juno kata.

Alexandra Flores place first in the U14 -36kg division

Alexia Fiaes placed second in the U14 -36kg division

Emil Bosquet placed fourth in the U12 Division and first in the U14 division.

Chloe Flores placed second in the U12 -27kg division

Trenton Achico placed second in U14 -42kg and third in the U16 -42kg division

Matthew Coculuzzi placed fifth in the U18 -66kg division

Ryan Conklin-Bric and Steven Bric placed fourth in Nage No Kata

Deanna Barnes and Matthew Coculuzzi placed third in the Nage No Kata

Congratulations to all our competitors on a very successful weekend.


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