Tora's 38th Annual Tournament

Tora Judo Club held its 38th annual Shiai at Brampton Soccer Centre on April 29th. There were approximately 400 competitors for the day. The club had good representation with 30 competitors. The club had 19 competitors finish in the top three. Leading the club with multiple medals were Matthew Coculuzzi and Sensei Heather and Sensei Tony. First place went to Tullio Sgambelluri and Sensei Heather West and Tony Kelly taking first in both Juno Kata and Goshin Jitsu Kata. Second place competitors were Ryan Conklin-Bric, Matthew Coculuzzi (U16), Jordan Achico, Trenton Achico (U12), Aidan Barnes, Alexia Fiaes, Dimitri Morgan, Lydia Marlow, and Logan Kinsley. Third place competitors were Ma

Peel Tournament and Edmunston Championships

PEEL TOURNAMENT and EDMUNDSTON CHAMPIONSHIPS Tora Judo club had a strong showing at the Peel Judo Tournament in Woodbridge on April 1st. The club had 20 competitors for the day. A successful day resulted in 19 in the top three. The club had 5 first places, 10 second places and 4 third place finishes. First place finishes went to Deanna Barnes (U18), Alexia Fiaes, Ariel Lima. Lindsay Kuramoto and Sensei Grant Kuramoto placed first in Juno Kata. Carson Furneaux who has moved to Windsor also placed first. Second place went to Deanna Barnes (U16), Matthew Coculuzzi (U18), Sahil Syal, Trenton Achio (U12), Tim Saunders, Marcus Spanjevic, Leanne Lima and Rory McDonald. In the Kata Sensei’s

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