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Tora 40th Annual Tournament

Tora had their annual tournament on Saturday April 27, 2019. We had an amazing turn out with 500 competitors, offering Kata, Ne-waza and Shiai.

Thanks to all our volunteers and competitors for making our 40th tournament such a great success.

Tora had a great day with 27 in the top 3.

In first place Anden Joy, Alexandrea Flores, Christopher Dennis, Deanna Barnes, Jonathan Pridham, Ryan Conklin-Bric, Shadeh Evans, Malcolm Teruel, Sensei Jake Smith.

In second place Justin Bracken (2), Aaryan Pullies, Emil Bosquet, Trenton Achico, Julia Backen, Eli Seurarine, Johnathan Marlow, Sensei Mark Wilson (2), Sohanna Joy, David Sanyaolu, Andrew Rangoo.

In third place Shadeh Evans, Ryan Conlkin-Bric and Marcus Schultz.

In fourth place Emil Bosquet, Tullio Sgambelluri and Jordan Achico.

Others fought well in their division Ali Sallam, Andrew Rangoo, Trenton Achico and Matthew Coculuzzi.

In the Kata competition Sensei’s Grant Kuramoto and Peter Koumoulas placed first in Goshin-Jitsu while Sensei’s Heather West and Tony Kelly placed second.

Congratulations to all the competitors !

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